Should You Use a Smart Sprinkler System?

Smart sprinkler systems

Smart Sprinkler Systems

A smart sprinkler system can be installed onto most existing sprinkler/irrigation systems. To do so, you need to install a Smart Controller for your sprinkler system. These controllers save you money, resources and are very convenient to use. This is particularly important during these times of severe drought, where water rates are skyrocketing, and supply is lagging behind demand.

Smart Regulator Apps

The smart regulator apps for sprinklers currently available as part of the smart controller are particularly intuitive and easy to use. Most of these smart regulators can monitor the weather for you and adjust your watering schedule automatically.  You can operate the sprinkler regulator from anywhere you have a internet connection. In many cases, you may even use your smartphone to control it. Because of this, you can check all your individual sprinkler heads without having to go back and forth to the controller. 

Through these apps, you can also customize the watering schedule for each of your zones to meet the specific needs for the plants in those zones. Also, you can modify the schedule to skip a watering run for whatever reason you need.

Managing Your Water Usage

Many systems also enable you to view your actual water usage as compared to what you expect scheduled usage to be. That will help you know how big a bill you will really get. Should you get a smart sprinkler controller? Generally these controllers cost between $100 to $200. For small areas with uniform watering needs, this may not be worthwhile. Click here to check out out this explanation of things to consider. But for larger areas with complex watering patterns, it could pay for itself quickly. In this case, if you upgrade to a Smart Sprinkler Controller, you’ll probably be very glad you did.

And remember, 70% of all water usage is for irrigation and half of that is wasted. If you don’t want to save money, save the planet.