Save Money by Saving Water

Save money on your home by saving water

Conserving Water Saves Two Ways

Saving water helps save the earth but can also help your pocketbook. After the rare heavy rains we experienced in late 2022 and early 2023, you might think we no longer have to conserve water. But even if we never suffer a drought again, it would be wise to consider taking steps not to waste water in your household. Remember, saving water also saves you on your annual home expenses and can be accomplished without a large investment of money. For a break-down on how much you could save from American Home Shield, CLICK HERE.

Easy Additions to Conserve Water

There are several things you can easily add to your home to help save water easily. For instance, you can install water saving aerators on your faucets and water saving showerheads. The cost for these additions is minimal and will be offset by savings quickly.

Moreover, you can install a low flow toilet or put a conversion kit on your existing toilet. Think of it like saving money with each flush. Additionally, you should upgrade to energy efficient, smarter appliances that use less water. These types of washing machines and dishwashers are not overly expensive and may even come with some tax benefits..

Save Water by Changing Your Behavior

Small changes in behavior can add up quickly to noticeable savings. For instance, you could remember not to leave water running while washing hands, brushing your teeth, or shaving. It may be hard at first to change your routine, but once you practice it, it can easily become second nature.

Shortening your shower time and filling your tub less while bathing are also easy ways to save water. And quitting potentially trouble-causing behavior – like flushing hair, tissues or other trash down the toilet – will be beneficial to your water savings as well.

Change Your Behavior in the Kitchen and Beyond

Don’t forget you can save water in the kitchen too. Don’t let the faucet run while you clean vegetables. Instead, rinse them in a large bowl. And, when you wash your dishes in the sink, plug the sink or use a dishpan.

Teach yourself to wash only full loads of dishes or laundry. Today’s appliances and detergents make waiting a day or two “no problem.” Also, check at least monthly for any leaks on your toilets, faucets, dishwaters, washing machines, and water heaters. Don’t forget pipes underneath sinks as well. Repair any leaks you find as soon as possible.

Finally, in the garden water outdoor plants during the cool part of the day. This prevents waste through evaporation.

When you buy a house, it’s easy to forget the cost of ownership includes more than just your monthly mortgage. Remember, many of the ways to save water are easy. And since “Saving Water = Saving Money,” start putting some of these strategies into play soon.